Recent Installation of Radon Barrier in Limerick City

Picture 2476  Picture 2477

Site:Limerick City

Project: New Housing

Status: On going reinforced Radon Barrier installation

Products: Monarflex RMB 350 and EPSI Load DPC

Comment: Difficult Installation on project involving the laying of the EPSI Load DPC over all the internal walls (incl the inner leaf of the internal cavity), then filling in the remaining areas with Monarflex RMB350 – Lets just say thank God it wasn’t raining!

Delta Drain/Radon Barrier Installation in Ballybunion, Co.Kerry

Picture 2463Delta Drain Application

These are pictures of a project which we were working on recently in Ballybunion, Co.Kerry. The project was based on a New Extension and Refurb of Existing Concrete House.

Observations: Dampness through solid concrete walls was a concern as there is no cavity.

Solution:In order to alleaviate this concern a Duraskrim Reinforced Barrier and Sump needed to be installed on the base and a Delta Drain MS (1.2mtr high to vertical) with dimpled design to create an air gap between the possible damp wall keeping moisture from ever touching the internal finish


Airtight Membrane why it important

Every feel drafts coming in areas of your home and you wish you could solve it.Well that what Airtight Membrane is used for. Is stop heat escaping from a home keeping it insulated. Its important when building a home / building that this membrane is used,  it saves on heat and energy.

Here is a sample of a recent job we done with a Siga Airtight Membrane installed.

Radon Barrier Housing Extension

Recent Job on Radon Barrier

Picture 1887Here is  recent job we completed on a house in Kerry, placing Radon barrier down to protect the house from any radon gases. We also tested it with radon barrier smoke testing which help us identify cracks in the the barrier that we need to refill.  Its important to protect your home and your environment from these gases as it’s hazard to you health.

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