Southwest Radon offers a service in providing professional airtightness solutions and the installation of airtightness products to maximise the airtightness of your building. The Building Regulations 2011 TGD L Dwellings indicates that reasonable provision for airtightness is to achieve a pressure test result of no worse than 7m3 /(h.m2 )@50Pa. Current good practice for energy efficient dwellings includes achieving airtightness of better than 5m3 /(h.m2 )@50Pa and best practice is less than 3m3 /(h.m2 )@50Pa. The airtightness appropriate for a particular dwelling design will depend upon the Building Energy Rating the builder is aiming to achieve. Care should be taken to ensure compliance with the ventilation requirements and permanent air supply of Part F and of Part J of the Building Regulations respectively. The airtightness appropriate for a particular project will depend on the building energy rating the builder/homeowner/architect is aiming to achieve. The airtightness of a dwelling, or its air permeability, is expressed in terms of air leakage in cubic meters per hour per square metre of the dwelling envelope area when the building is subjected to a differential pressure of 50 Pascals (m3 /(h.m2 )@50Pa).

Southwest Radon are approved for the two leading brands of Airtight material in the country,Siga Airtightness system and Proclima airtight system and continue with whats already there
Siga Airtightness system

  • By choosing the Siga range you get a product that immediately forms an extremely strong bond on difficult substrates and in hot or cold temperatures
  • Key attributes to the Siga range include
  • Siga is an open system which give you the choice of commercially available vapour control layers in combination with Siga high performance adhesives
  • Free of domestic toxins
  • Durable strong adhesives and resistant to ageing
  • BBA, NSAI and CE approved

Proclima airtight system

By choosing the pro clima range, you can be confident that you are implementing a robust, durable and energy efficient airtight and windtight design for your build.

Key attributes to the pro clima range include:

  • BBA, NSAI and CE approved
  • INTELLO PLUS is the most advanced reinforced intelligent airtight and vapour control membrane on the market
  • Pro clima tapes and glues are solid acrylic and so provide a permanent airtight seal even in humid climate conditions like Ireland and the UK
  • Sentinel Haus approved to ensure healthy installation and living space
  • Helps prevent mould and structural degradation and ensures a healthy living environment
  • The pro clima tapes, TESCON VANA, No.1, and UNITAPE are currently the only tape yet to pass the Kassel Institute accelerated aging test for 100+ years performance