Example of Poor Radon Barrier Installation

An example of poor Radon Barrier installation which no self respecting Engineer / Builder / Client should accept – wrong / poor details, incorrect products used for detailing, membrane not properly formed into the corners making proper installation of the floor insulation impossible, the list goes on – there is a reason there’s full time specialists for Radon Barrier installation


Completed Attenuation Tank

Site: Castletroy, Limerick

Main Contractor: Formation Homes

Works: Attenuation Tank

Status: Complete


Recently completed Attenuation Tank with all welded joints to avoid any unnecessary early release of water, please note excellent site prep with Proper Fill and Geotextile used ( Attenuation Tank acts as a buffer to store excess rainwater and remove risk of flooding of a residential area in a controlled way)
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Juta GP4 Reinforced Radon Barrier

Site : Cork

Main Contractor : Goleen Developments

Status : Complete

Products Used : Juta GP4 Reinforced Radon Barrier

Comment : Extreme skill and craft needed at this job in Bandon, County Cork last week for Goleen Developments. Every inch of this base was covered & sealed using Juta GP4 radon barrier membrane. High standards maintained as always

RMB400 Radon Barrier Installation


Site Address: Freemount NS

Product: RMB400

Status: Complete

Monarflex RMB400 reinforced radon barrier installed to a new extension at Freemount National School. All sealed to the existing walls using Monarflex methodology with bituthene primer and Monarflex MRX self adhesive tape.
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Juta GP4 Reinforced Radon Barrier

Site : Cork

Main Contractor : One off house builder

Status : Complete

Products Used :

Comment :

Nice detail done here earlier this morning by one of our crews, and a massive bonus was that the rain just about held off for them!!
Juta GP4 reinforced radon barrier installed to a new build house in Brosna. Walls were showing above the hardcore which required extra moulding and welding.