Duraskrim Reinforced Radon Barrier ref Site in Adare Limerick

Duraskrim Reinforced Radon Barrier Supplied and Installed ref Site in Adare Limerick 

Site Ref: Adare Limerick

Type of Works: Radon Barrier Installation

Materials: Duraskrim

Status: Completed

Ongoing Radon Barrier Works @ Shannon Hangar Project

Client: L&M Keating

Project: Shannon Hangar Project

Status: Ongoing

Materials: Recently installed RMB400 reinforced radon barrier ref Shannon Hangar project

Comments: Recently installed RMB400 ref above site and as per picture one can clearly see the high durability of the RMB400 which is suitable when encountering a level off continuous traffic during period of structural works



Blower Door Testing Air Matters

Blower Door Airtight Test

Very successful result achieved by AirMatters after completing a recent Blower Door Airtight Test @ Clondrohid NS, of course this was due to the high standard of work carried out by Southwest Radon when installing a Siga System Vapour Check and Air Tight Membrane – “Well done lads another airtight proof building along with another very satisfied client”

Duct Testing Air Matters


Non Typical Radon Barrier Installation with Waterproofing to Perimeter

Main Contractor : L&M Keating’s


Site Location : Pharmaceutical in Blanchardstown, Dublin


Products Used : Monarflex RMB350 Reinforced Radon Barrier, GCP Bituthene Waterproofing etc


Status : Complete


Comments : Non typical Radon Barrier installation with waterproofing to perimeter and Radon Barrier everywhere else plus additional detailing around steel upstands and penetrations




Recent Tanking Works

Products Used : GCP Preprufe waterproofing system


Comments : Typical ground beam foundation installation with the added difficulty of additional detailing around pile cap heads


Status : ongoing


Main Contractor : JJ Rhatigans